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  1. Hello! My name is Christina Grigorea. I’m a health psychologist and CBT-EMDR psychotherapist. I have a private practice in Athens, Greece since 2012. I have been working with families and children since 2002. I’m currently working with teenagers and adults. Main issues my clients face are depression, phobias, anxiety. I’m looking forward to starting this program and gain more therapeutic tools from the best in the field.

  2. Hello, my name is Fredda Schneidt, LCSW. I have a private practice in Forest Hills, NY.
    I have been practicing for over 35 years, treating clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.
    I am looking forward to being a participant of this program.

  3. Hi My name is Shawn LaRe’ (that goes all together like Mary Ann only fancier) It never makes it on to things like this as it is always getting separated. Baiin of my existence. So please indulge me and know that I am Shawn LaRe’…Not Shawn. 🙂

    So anyhow…I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice for one year and I love learning and being on the pulse of what is current in our field. I have just managed to get myself here so I am excited about what I will find! See you on the pages!!

  4. Hi my name is Jamie Young and currently counsel on a Marine Base in Cakifornia. I have retired 2 times and am going to pursue private practice again soon so thought this would add to my knowledge and learning experiences.

  5. Hi. I’m Sallie Tasto. I’ve lived and worked in Palo Alto and Menlo Park as a psychologist in private practice for the last 36 years. Having received my MS and Ph.D. from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, now Palo Alto University, I also served as its Ombudsperson for many years, as well as on its Board of Trustees. I’ve been licensed as an LMFT since 1882 and as a psychologist since 1986.

    A single parent for quite a while, I now am “mom” to four grown children, their spouses, and nine grandchildren. My wonderful husband of 17 years enabled this expansion of beloved family. Three of our four families live close by (one in Brooklyn), and we rejoice in our grandkids who range from ages 17 to 1 1/2 years.

    Now that I am 77, my friends are bewildered that I haven’t retired. It’s because I love my work, and am so much better a therapist than I was earlier in my career. If Ruth Bader Ginsberg plans to work til she’s 90, so can I.

    The reason this course is important to me is that I find it easy to rely on what I already know. Most workshops repeat materials with which I am already familiar. However, so much marvelous research and new understandings have happened just in the last few years, I want to immerse myself in this material, and not be lazy about what I don’t know. Cheers to all.

  6. Hello, I am Sharon, a board certified advanced practice nurse practitioner in South Carolina with many years of experience in medical and surgical specialties. I joined NICABM to improve my psych knowledge and understanding of the topics to be covered and for CME. I am looking forward to learning from these speakers!

  7. Hi, Everyone, I am Kristin. I have worked in foster care and adoption for the past 16 plus years and am transitioning into a more clinical role. I am trained as an Art Therapist and am working toward full licensure in Texas. I am looking forward to the insight and support of this group!

  8. Hi everyone, I’m Gillian. I am a fully qualified and experienced drug and alcohol counselor with a special interest in mindfulness-based approaches to counseling and therapy. I have a private practice and also work in residential in the UK. I see clients of all ages and diagnosis. I’m looking forward to learning new skills the best.

  9. Hello, I am a psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for over 25 years. Toronto is a very multicultural city and I work with clients from many diverse cultural backgrounds. My practice focuses on individual, couples/marital, and family issues. I also work with clients suffering trauma. My theoretical perspective is integrative and includes developmental and clinical psychology, cognitive/behavioral/attachment and family systems approaches. I also work with energy psychology techniques such as EFT in working with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I enjoy working with communication roadblocks and challenges, such as in situations where one person says something to another person, e.g., their partner/spouse and the receiver puts a completely different interpretation of the message than the sender intended and misunderstanding escalates. What I hope to gain from this program is continued learning and helpful insights and ideas to improve my own knowledge and responses/techniques.

  10. I am an art therapist in Vancouver Canada. I recently graduated from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. and I also have a BFA in Visual Art from Emily Carr University where I concentrated in drawing. I currently have an art therapy contract with a non profit housing agency in Vancouver’s Downtown East-side that supports adult clients who typically have histories of homelessness, addiction, mental illness and complex trauma.

  11. I am Victoria, a registered nurse and marriage & family therapist from Wichita, KS. I have been in private practice for 7 years after owning a group practice for 15 years. My medical background is in emergency/trauma nursing. Some populations I enjoy is working with medical providers, patients with medical diagnoses and those with sensory processing sensitivity. I’m looking forward to digging into the resources!

  12. Hi I am Geraldine from Ireland, I am a Psychotherapist and I work for an organisation dealing with suicide and self harm I have only just joined this group so I am hoping to be able to learn loads as I feel I get really stuck sometimes with clients, sometimes when I feel I have gone full circle and nothing seems to make a difference to the client, I find this frustrating however not all clients stay stuck so I am wondering if I can particularly learn some tips as to how to get out of the stuckness, usually clients who are stuck will repeatedly say I do not enjoy anything, cannot remember a time when I was happy etc. Apart from pulling out all resources and exploring times when things were going well, I feel I do not have much more to offer. Looking forward to learning loads

  13. Hi everyone,

    My name is Amanda, I’m a psychologist on Long Island, New York. Though I’ve been working in the field about 15 years, I just started a private practice this year. I love the idea of having a community of professionals that I can learn from and consult with, and the team that NICABM has assembled is quite amazing. I will be recommending this site to my practitioner friends.

  14. Hello everyone,
    My name is Janice, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor with a private practice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The current focus of my practice includes: trauma and stress-related disorders, primarily PTSD and attachment problems in complex trauma clients; substance use disorders; co-occurring disorders; anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. I use an integrative psychotherapy approach, including EMDR and EFT, to treat trauma and other types of psychological stress. I treat individuals and couples, often using a systems perspective to address individual stresses and relational conflicts. I am looking forward to beginning this program.

  15. Hello everyone,

    I’m a licensed MFT in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and have been practicing here for the past 15 years. Trauma and chronic abuse cases, and the feelings that are harbored in shame cultures seem to flood my office, and i am eager to learn more about how to tackle the diverse issues that present themselves in each case i see. I am so excited and looking forward to absorb from the plethora of information available through this program.

  16. Hi everyone,

    I am a psychologist in private practice in Mbombela, South Africa. Anxiety, complex trauma and self-harm present most frequently. I tend to use ACT, DBT or mindfulness based approaches, and I am also learning more about somatic perspectives.

    Really looking forward to delving into this vast resource – I had a quick peek and the breadth of information contained here is enticing!

  17. Hi everyone,
    I’m Lauren Clark and I’m a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice in Folsom, California. The focus of my practice is trauma, addiction, and adolescents. I mainly integrate EMDR, DBT, Art therapy, CBT, Mindfulness and trauma informed interventions into my sessions with my clients. The NICABM training has been immensely helpful and I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned directly into session. The benefit to my precious clients has been evident. I’m thrilled to get started in this program!

  18. Hi all, I’m Stefanie, a Counsellor in Canberra, Australia. I am in the process of setting up a private practice while I complete my Masters. I am really excited to have access to so many amazing professionals and information. My experience with NICABM so far has been so informative. I am looking forward to what is next!

  19. Hello I am a psychologist in private practice in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I love what I do and am always looking for ways to become more helpful to my clients. Private practice offers me the freedom and flexibility to work the way I want to but it can also be isolating so I hope to learn as much as possible and break some of the isolation. All the best!

  20. Hi Theresa here psychologist from Sydney Australia. I work in private practice . Currently the focus of my work is assisting adults who have sought help through their EAP (Employment Assistance Program) providers. Helping clients struggling with depression, anxiety and stress. I use tools and strategies from diverse modalities such as CBT, ACT, applied behaviour analysis, positive psychology, solution focused, strength based approaches. I advocate for multidisciplinary interventions in the management of well being in the presence of chronic diseases such as chronic pain, autoimmune symptoms and other comorbid conditions. I believe that we can make significant gains for our clients if we truly look into the biopsychosocial determinants of debilitating conditions. There is so much to do in the debate of public health but we can certainly start or continue the conversation on how we can work in multidisciplinary initiatives rather than in isolation.

  21. Hi everyone I work in private practice in Perth Western Australia with a special interest in working with Aboriginal clients. . I also supervise undergraduate and maters students in their final counselling placements.

  22. Hi there
    I’m looking forward to learning from this programme. I joined a number of weeks ago but have been on holidays so just getting caught up now! I’m in Private Practice in NI, working in the field of trauma. I use Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR and CBT in my therapy. I have benefitted from the learning from NICABM before and know this training will benefit my practice

  23. Hello. My name is Kerin Smith, I am a senior Occupational Therapist working across various neurological areas. I work for both Government and non-Government organisations with a strong focus on neurological degenerative diseases as well as acquired brain injury – and over the years this has exposed me to the underlying mental health issues that often are coupled with these diagnosis. While I am confident in my clinical experience, I am always looking to further my skills in the area of mental health, as this is an area that OT’s can really assist clients put the strategies into their daily tasks to make a functional difference and in turn improve quality of life. I look forward to learning from NICABM as well all the participants. I live in Australia (south australia) in a city called Adelaide.

  24. Hello, My name is Holly Pearlman and I am a licensed clinical professional counselor, and licensed professional clinical counselor. I have a private practice in Sherman Oaks CA, and my niche is single incident trauma and complex trauma.

  25. Hi everyone !

    My name is Don Thompson … I’m a partitioner of Structural Integration (aka Rolfing) … living in Scotland. I teach bodywork and anatomy in Europe & Scandinavia … but sometimes further afield

    I am here to learn better interaction skills with the people I work with … framing & reframing … building therapeutic space … how best to deal with emotional releases when they come up in classrooms and in my sessions.

  26. Hi! I am Shannon Aguilar, LCSW in Tampa, FL, USA. I have been in private practice for about a year now. Recently, I moved my office to a new location and have changed some things about the way I practice (no longer accept insurance, learning a new therapy). It has been challenging and slow going. The reason I joined this program is because I am looking for better, faster and lasting outcomes for my clients. I completed grad school in 2013 and became licensed December 2017. I loved grad school, but really have been left feeling ill-prepared to really get to the deeper levels of healing I am finding my clients are seeking. While they are happy to come each week to “talk it out” and to learn better coping skills and gain more insight into their challenges, I often am left feeling that they need so much more. So I am here to learn how to give them that. I look forward to using the program and connecting with other professionals who are seeking better outcomes for their clients as well!

  27. Hi everyone,
    I am very grateful for the cutting edge learning I receive from NICABM for a while now and am looking forward to this advanced training. I am a LPC and LICDC-S and work mostly with dual diagnosis, PTSD, anxiety /depression and couples. I find EMDR and trauma informed modalities very effective for my clients as well as group empowerment work. I love my profession and the deep meaningful connection and fulfillment it brings. I work with a consortium of holistic practitioners in a center in Cleveland. We offer, yoga, mindfulness, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and several counselors. I find it very helpful for the clients growth and healing to experience these enhancements.

  28. Hello, my name is Joyce Hennelly, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Glenview Illinois. I also participate in contract work with older adult agencies to provide counseling as well as family mediation. I work mainly with issues of anxiety, depression, and grief and see teenagers all the way to older adults. I started to watch some of the videos and found them to be very informative and practical in my practice. I am finding NICABM to be my go to site now to learn, review, and affirm therapeutic strategies.

  29. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Shelly Oliver and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private psychotherapy practice in Austin Texas. I am also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I work with a range of clients who are navigating both developmental and shock traumas. I am very excited to be tapping into the cutting edge ideas and applications offered via the expert panel. I am looking forward to the breadth and depth of the material to be presented.

  30. Hi, my name is Sharyn Kucy and I am a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, Alberta. I have worked with children, youth and families most of my career. I currently work as a therapist in a mental health day treatment program for adolescents. I am looking forward to learning from others and being the best I can be. It can be challenging being a therapist at times and so my hope is to deepen my practice in this course.

  31. Hello. My name is Janice Gregory and I work as a Clinical Psychologist in community mental health in NSW Australia. The modalities I am currently using include CBT, DBT, Trauma Informed Care, IPT and Neuropsychotherapy. The adult clients I work with have chronic psychiatric diagnoses including personality disorder e.g., a case formulation under the DSMIV-TR would identify symptoms/stressors on all four axes and a low GAF as a result.

    I am looking forward to learning from the experts and also from other practitioners so I may improve the work I do with this very vulnerable client group and to at least maintain the client’s wellbeing.

  32. Hello. Amy Markin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently working for a community based agency as an outpatient therapist in Durham, NC and in a small private practice group in Raleigh, NC. I have had a variety of social work positions over the years and am relatively new as a therapist with about 5 years of experience.
    I work with children from age 5 up, adolescents and adults. I am trained in TF- CBT and basic training in EMDR which I am continuing to study and am thrilled to have this opportunity to learn and glean ideas from such an esteemed group of clinicians/ teachers as well as so many colleagues.

  33. My name is Roni Morgenstern and I have a doctorate in psychology and CAS in school psychology. I live in Syracuse, New York. I have worked in a variety of settings including a developmental evaluation center at SUNY Upstate, a mental health outpatient clinic, in and with schools and I am currently in private practice seeing clients ages 5 years – adults. Many of the young children whom I see have autism and my focus has been to support the child’s social and academic problem-solving skills and to support parents with skills to interact effectively with their child. Additionally, it isn’t uncommon for the parent(s) to have their own stress and adjustment to the on-going needs of the child. I also see clients, usually teens-adults who describe concerns that focus on job, family, interpersonal stressors.

    I have watched one video about emotional regulation and trauma and it was very helpful. Thanks

  34. Hello to everyone from Perth, Western Australia!

    My name is Jennie Fitzhardinge and I have a Masters in Counselling from Murdoch University, here in Perth.

    I have spent five years working in the not-for-profit sector and I am now launching my private practice.

    I am here because I found NICABM’s Master course on Trauma really insightful and the comments from other participants useful too. As I take my first steps as a sole practitioner, I am hoping this community will offer support and wisdom so I can be the best counsellor I can be.

    Thank you for making this possible!