Working with Body

Week 3 Video #2 – Linda Graham

The Most Important Tool to Disarm the Inner Critic

Week 4 Video #3 – Donna Eden

An Energy Technique to Clear the Mind

Week 7 Video #1 – Pat Ogden

How to Work with the Implicit Self

Week 7 Video #2 – Bessel van der Kolk

Why It’s Hard to “Reason” with the Body

Week 7 Video #4 – Peter Levine

Working with Memories the Patient Can’t Recount

Week 8 Video #3 – Peter Levine

How Trauma Creates a Negative Loop Between Body and Brain

Week 11 Video #1 – Tara Brach

One Way to Release Tension

Week 11 Video #2 – Belleruth Naparstek

How the Body Is Like a Squeaky Wheel

Week 11 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

2 Powerful Cases of Working with the Body

Week 11 Video #4 – Donna Eden

A 5-Minute Exercise to Get Rid of Stress

Week 14 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Transform Traumatic Experience to Rediscover Aliveness

Week 14 Video #4 – Donna Eden

How to Reverse Patterns of Stress in the Body

Week 17 Video #4 – Bessel van der Kolk

How Movement Can Create Vitality After Trauma

Week 19 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Separate a Limiting Belief from Its Emotional Charge

Week 19 Video #2 – Donna Eden

An Exercise to Help Clients Reconnect to a Sense of Safety

Week 19 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

How to Work with Beliefs That Are Expressed Non-Verbally

Week 19 Video #4 – Richard Schwartz

How to Work with Beliefs a Client Knows Are False

Week 21 Video #2 – Tara Brach

How to Help Clients Find Freedom from “Imposter Syndrome”

Week 26 Video #3 – Peter Levine

How To Help Clients Renegotiate Difficult Experiences

Week 28 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

How to Help a Couple Grow Closer and Build Resilience

Week 28 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

How “Movement Vocabulary” Can Enhance Client Resilience

Week 30 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

Part 1 – The 3 Pillars of Resilience

Week 34 Video #1 – Peter Levine

The Two Primary Functions of Shame and Why They Matter

Week 35 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

The Immobilizing Power of Shame

Week 35 Video #2 – Linda Graham

Rewiring Shame: The Wished-For Outcome Technique

Week 35 Video #3 – Stan Tatkin

Cuts Like a Knife: A Psycho-Biology View of Shame

Week 35 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

How to Help a Client Work through Shame When There’s a Betrayed Partner

Week 36 Video #1 – Bessel van der Kolk

A Way to Heal Trauma-Based Shame Using a 3-Dimensional Space

Week 36 Video #2 – Peter Levine

Practitioners’ One Common Mistake that can Increase a Client’s Shame

Week 36 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

Frozen Response: Rewiring the Body’s Reaction to Shame and Trauma

Week 37 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

How Shame Triggers the Body’s Shut-Down Response

Week 37 Video #2 – Peter Levine

How to Change the Posture of Shame: Part 1

Week 37 Video #3 – Peter Levine

How to Change the Posture of Shame: Part 2

Week 37 Video #4 – Donna Eden

The Energetic Habits of Shame and How to Remove Them

Week 43 Video #3 – Stephen Porges

When the Body Misinterprets the Origin of Shame

Week 44 Video #1 – Stan Tatkin

What Lies Beneath Anger and Hostility?

Week 45 Video #2 – Stephen Porges

How to Work with the Physiology of Anger

Week 45 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

How to Help Resolve a Client’s Rage by Inviting it In

Week 45 Video #4 – Peter Levine

The Body’s Role in Transforming Hostility into Healthy Aggression

Week 46 Video #1 – Bessel van der Kolk

Exploring the Redeeming Qualities of Anger and Hostility

Week 47 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

Exploring the Unique Challenges of Working with Hostility

Week 48 Video #3 – Donna Eden

A Way to Reverse the Body’s Imbalance to Dissolve Anger

Week 50 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

The Nervous System’s Response to Violations of Expectancy

Week 52 Video #4 – Pat Ogden

The Power of Connection When Facing the Unknown

Week 55 Video #4 – Pat Ogden

How is My Client Not Feeling Safe?

Week 56 Video #1 – Donna Eden

How to Work with Energy That’s Resistant to Change

Week 56 Video #4 – Bessel van der Kolk

Resistance As a Healthy Way to Cope with Trauma

Week 58 Video #3 – Peter Levine

Why it’s Important to Honor a Client’s Resistance

Week 61 Video #4 – Elisha Goldstein

How to Help Clients Shift from Resistance to Flexibility

Week 62 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

How Physiological States Affect Self-Worth

Week 65 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

3 Levels of Impasse

Week 65 Video #2 – Laurel Parnell

An EMDR Approach to Healing a Client’s History

Week 65 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

A Somatic Approach to Shifting the Attachment Imprint

Week 68 Video #1 – Stephen Porges and Pat Ogden

Respecting How the Body Has Been Changed by Trauma

Week 72 Video #2 – Linda Graham

Giving Clients Tools to Foster Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 73 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

The Primary Mechanism for Regulating Anxiety

Week 73 Video #2 – Linda Graham

People Need to Know That They Can Overcome Anxiety

Week 73 Video #3 – Joan Borysenko

Why It’s Not Always about the Breath

Week 73 Video #4 – Peter Levine & Christine Padesky

Calming the Sensations of a Panic Attack

Week 77 Video #2 – Laurel Parnell

Recreating and Reinstalling Security in the Nervous System – An EMDR Approach

Week 77 Video #4 – Pat Ogden and Stan Tatkin

The Power of Eye Contact, Attention Focus, and Breaking the Loop in Attachment Repair

Week 83 Video #3 – Peter Levine

Why Timing Is Crucial in the Treatment of Trauma

Week 83 Video #4 – Peter Levine

How Empathy Can Actually Impair Treatment

Week 86 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

3 Ideas That Can Relieve the Pressure to be Perfect

Week 89 Video #2 – Terry Real

Why Our Instincts As Practitioners Can Become Our Strongest Tool

Week 89 Video #3 – Bessel van der Kolk

The Crucial Work of Being and Seeing When Interacting with Patients

Week 90 Video #2 – Ron Siegel

How to Get Past the Sting of Criticism to Understand Where it Came From

Week 90 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

One Strategy for Handling Criticism in the Moment

Week 92 Video #1 – Shelly Harrell

What to Focus on to Get Past Blame

Week 95 Video #2 – Zindel Segal

How to Break the Destructive Loop of Depression

Week 96 Video #4 – Peter Levine

How to Work with the Many Levels of Depression

Week 97 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

How Expectations Influence Everything

Week 98 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Use the Body to Shift Out of Inertia

Week 98 Video #4 – Laurel Parnell

How EMDR Can Rewire the Brain for Motivation

Week 102 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

How to Help Clients Connect to Feelings That Often Lie Beneath Depression

Week 102 Video #4 – Zindel Segal

How to Help a Client Move from Engagement to Improvement

Week 103 Video #1 – Laurel Parnell

One Key to Quieting the Inner Critic

Week 105 Video #4 – Peter Levine

How a Shift in Mindset Can Quiet the Inner Critic