Week 4 Video #2 – Marsha Linehan

Tell Them It’s Life and Death

Week 8 Video #1 – Paul Gilbert

The Hidden Cost of Comparison

Week 15 Video #1 – Steven Hayes

How Helping Others Can Restore Energy and Confidence

Week 15 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

How You Respond to the Issue Is the Issue

Week 16 Video #2 – Caroline Myss

The Crucial Connection Between a Client’s Values and Aliveness

Week 16 Video #3 – Steven Hayes

How Your Client’s Values Can Be a Catalyst for Change

Week 16 Video #4 – Erving Polster

The Vitality of Paying Attention

Week 24 Video #1 – Marsha Linehan

How to Help Clients Investigate Their Beliefs

Week 29 Video #3 – Zindel Segal

Skills for Building Resilience That Lasts

Week 29 Video #4 – Zindel Segal

Why Meaning and Values Are Crucial to Building Long-Term Resilience

Week 37 Video #3 – Peter Levine

How to Change the Posture of Shame: Part 2

Week 43 Video #4 – Bill O’Hanlon

An Effective Way to Eliminate Shame from Sexual Expression

Week 51 Video #2 – Kelly McGonigal

Why Uncertainty Is Not a Problem to Be Solved

Week 52 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

Helping Clients Find Reliable Refuges for Times of Uncertainty

Week 61 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

How Identifying Core Values Can Help Clients Overcome Resistance

Week 63 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

How to Help Clients Disable Their Doubt Machinery

Week 64 Video #1 – Joan Borysenko

How Making a Contribution Can Shift the View of the Self

Week 64 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

How Identifying Values Can Help Clients Disconnect from External Comparisons

Week 64 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

3 Techniques for Helping Clients Become Comfortable with Their Imperfections

Week 67 Video #3 – Christine Padesky

Expanding the Continuum Between Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

Week 71 Video #2 – Kelly McGonigal

An Exercise in Cultivating a ‘Bigger Than Self’ Mindset

Week 85 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

An Exercise for Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Week 87 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How Good Mentors Can Influence Your Career

Week 88 Video #2 – Michael Yapko

Two Pieces of Advice to Access A Client’s Strength and Promote Positive Growth

Week 91 Video #3 – Christine Padesky

Three Strategies to Reframe Criticism