Week 7 Video #1 – Pat Ogden

How to Work with the Implicit Self

Week 7 Video #2 – Bessel van der Kolk

Why It’s Hard to “Reason” with the Body

Week 7 Video #3 – Bessel van der Kolk

Getting Unstuck with Neurofeedback

Week 7 Video #4 – Peter Levine

Working with Memories the Patient Can’t Recount

Week 8 Video #3 – Peter Levine

How Trauma Creates a Negative Loop Between Body and Brain

Week 14 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Transform Traumatic Experience to Rediscover Aliveness

Week 14 Video #2 – Scott Miller

An Unlikely Question That Sparked Vitality

Week 14 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

Why the Arms of a Loved One Is the Best Place for Healing Trauma

Week 17 Video #4 – Bessel van der Kolk

How Movement Can Create Vitality After Trauma

Week 19 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Separate a Limiting Belief from Its Emotional Charge

Week 23 Video #1 – Bessel van der Kolk

How Visceral Experiences Retrain the Brain to See New Possibilities

Week 25 Video #2 – Bessel van der Kolk

3 Factors That Can Protect People from PTSD

Week 31 Video #1 – Dan Siegel

How Mindfulness Rebuilds Neural Fibers to Reintegrate the Brain after Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect

Week 32 Video #1 – Richard Schwartz

Building Resilience by Healing the Hurt Parts of the Self

Week 32 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

One Crucial Belief That’s Necessary for Building Resilience

Week 32 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

Identifying Resources and Imagining Future Possibilities

Week 33 Video #4 – Sonja Lyubomirsky

What Current Research Shows about Fostering Resilience

Week 34 Video #3 – Laurel Parnell

Bad Boy! The Cultural Use of Shame and its Pathway to Abuse

Week 36 Video #1 – Bessel van der Kolk

A Way to Heal Trauma-Based Shame Using a 3-Dimensional Space

Week 36 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

Frozen Response: Rewiring the Body’s Reaction to Shame and Trauma

Week 36 Video #4 – Richard Schwartz

How to Work with the Inner Voice of Shame

Week 42 Video #4 – Dan Siegel

When Shame Follows a Child into Adulthood: A Case Study, Part 2

Week 44 Video #2 – Ron Siegel & Michael Yapko

The Structure of Anger and Why it’s Built to Last

Week 45 Video #1 – Dan Siegel

The Neurobiology of Anger and Hostility

Week 45 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

How to Help Resolve a Client’s Rage by Inviting it In

Week 46 Video #1 – Bessel van der Kolk

Exploring the Redeeming Qualities of Anger and Hostility

Week 51 Video #3 – Sonja Lyubomirsky and Bill O’Hanlon

Facing the Unpredictability of Life Transitions

Week 53 Video #4 – Sue Johnson

Fostering Strong Connections to Help Clients Engage with Uncertainty

Week 54 Video #2 – Peter Levine and Linda Graham

Approaching Loss as a Starting Point in Life

Week 55 Video #4 – Pat Ogden

How is My Client Not Feeling Safe?

Week 56 Video #3 – Dan Siegel

How to Approach Adaptive Resistance That Comes From Impaired Integration

Week 56 Video #4 – Bessel van der Kolk

Resistance As a Healthy Way to Cope with Trauma

Week 58 Video #3 – Peter Levine

Why it’s Important to Honor a Client’s Resistance

Week 65 Video #2 – Laurel Parnell

An EMDR Approach to Healing a Client’s History

Week 65 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

A Somatic Approach to Shifting the Attachment Imprint

Week 68 Video #1 – Stephen Porges and Pat Ogden

Respecting How the Body Has Been Changed by Trauma

Week 68 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

Unresolved Trauma Does Not Allow for Growth

Week 68 Video #3 – Ellyn Bader

Resolve Symptoms, Then Create Experiences

Week 68 Video #4 – Ed Tronick

Foster Growth by Training for Resilience

Week 69 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

Developing Pathways to Greater Wisdom and Compassion

Week 69 Video #2 – Steven Hayes

Pain as a Crucial Factor in Growth

Week 69 Video #3 – Rick Hanson

A Two-Part Process for Encouraging Growth

Week 69 Video #4 – Rick Hanson

The Surprising Connection between Meaninglessness and Growth

Week 70 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

Connections that Support Growth through Trauma

Week 70 Video #2 – Christine Padesky

The Seeds of Growth are in the Treatment

Week 70 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

Getting a Good Future Out of a Crummy Past

Week 70 Video #4 – Marsha Linehan

We See Growth in Repaired Relationships

Week 71 Video #1 – Joan Borysenko

The “Return” in the Rite of Passage

Week 71 Video #2 – Kelly McGonigal

An Exercise in Cultivating a ‘Bigger Than Self’ Mindset

Week 71 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

“Meaning” is the Compass That Points Toward Growth

Week 71 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

What Trauma Demands and the Meaning We Assign to It

Week 72 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How a Single Word Can Change a Client’s Experience

Week 72 Video #2 – Linda Graham

Giving Clients Tools to Foster Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 72 Video #3 – Laurel Parnell

Helping Clients Answer, “Who Am I Now?” after Healing from Trauma

Week 72 Video #4 – Bill O’Hanlon

The 3 Cs of Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 73 Video #3 – Joan Borysenko

Why It’s Not Always about the Breath

Week 79 Video #1 – Pat Ogden

Two Kinds of Mistakes Practitioners Make

Week 96 Video #4 – Peter Levine

How to Work with the Many Levels of Depression