Therapeutic Relationship

Week 1 Video #4 – Tara Brach

Beyond the “Spacesuit Self”

Week 4 Video #4 – Scott Miller

When Practitioners Are Part of the Problem

Week 8 Video #2 – Scott Miller

How to Prevent the “One-and-Done” Effect

Week 9 Video #4 – Erving Polster

Challenging the Concept of Stuckness to Help Patients Heal

Week 14 Video #2 – Scott Miller

An Unlikely Question That Sparked Vitality

Week 17 Video #2 – Esther Perel

How Pleasure Can Ignite Vitality

Week 20 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

How to Use Experiments to Challenge Limiting Beliefs

Week 26 Video #2 – Marsha Linehan

How to Help Clients Learn to Act in Their Own Best Interest

Week 27 Video #2 – Linda Graham

SHow Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Rewire the Brain for Greater Resilience

Week 32 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

One Crucial Belief That’s Necessary for Building Resilience

Week 34 Video #3 – Laurel Parnell

Bad Boy! The Cultural Use of Shame and its Pathway to Abuse

Week 35 Video #3 – Stan Tatkin

Cuts Like a Knife: A Psycho-Biology View of Shame

Week 36 Video #2 – Peter Levine

Practitioners’ One Common Mistake that can Increase a Client’s Shame

Week 42 Video #3 – Dan Siegel

When Shame Follows a Child into Adulthood: A Case Study, Part 1

Week 47 Video #1 – Linda Graham

How to Safely Engage the Energy of an Angry Client

Week 47 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell & Ron Siegel

Exploring the Unique Challenges of Working with Hostility

Week 47 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

How to Stay Connected When a Client Turns Angry

Week 47 Video #4 – Zindel Segal

When to Give in to a Client’s Provocation (and How Much)

Week 49 Video #3 – Stan Tatkin

How to Work With Angry Couples By Using Projective Identification

Week 51 Video #2 – Kelly McGonigal

Why Uncertainty Is Not a Problem to Be Solved

Week 53 Video #4 – Sue Johnson

Fostering Strong Connections to Help Clients Engage with Uncertainty

Week 55 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

Humility: A Practitioner’s Most Effective Tool

Week 55 Video #4 – Pat Ogden

How is My Client Not Feeling Safe?

Week 56 Video #3 – Dan Siegel

How to Approach Adaptive Resistance That Comes From Impaired Integration

Week 57 Video #2 – Richard Schwartz

The Therapist as a ‘Hope Merchant’

Week 58 Video #3 – Peter Levine

Why it’s Important to Honor a Client’s Resistance

Week 58 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

How to Engage a Client’s Resistance to Achieve Secure Functioning

Week 59 Video #2 – Marsha Linehan

How to Help a Client Move from Willful to Willing

Week 60 Video #1 – Zindel Segal

What Does a Client’s Resistance Trigger in You?

Week 60 Video #2 – Laurel Parnell

The Fear of Getting Better Too Fast

Week 60 Video #4 – Shelly Harrell

What Happens When You Normalize a Client’s Ambivalence?

Week 61 Video #2 – Marsha Linehan

How to Engage with a Willful Client

Week 64 Video #4 – Scott Miller

What’s the Outcome Your Client is Longing for?

Week 66 Video #2 – Linda Graham

The Cure for the Shame Behind Feeling ‘Never Good Enough’

Week 66 Video #3 – Bill O’Hanlon

A 3-Pronged Approach to Distinguishing Between Who You Are and What You Do

Week 66 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

Why It’s Crucial to Work with Core Beliefs in Pairs

Week 67 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

How Changing Posture Can Shift Beliefs and Facilitate Healing

Week 67 Video #3 – Christine Padesky

Expanding the Continuum Between Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

Week 68 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

Unresolved Trauma Does Not Allow for Growth

Week 68 Video #3 – Ellyn Bader

Resolve Symptoms, Then Create Experiences

Week 69 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

Developing Pathways to Greater Wisdom and Compassion

Week 70 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

Connections that Support Growth through Trauma

Week 70 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

Getting a Good Future Out of a Crummy Past

Week 70 Video #4 – Marsha Linehan

We See Growth in Repaired Relationships

Week 71 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

“Meaning” is the Compass That Points Toward Growth

Week 71 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

What Trauma Demands and the Meaning We Assign to It

Week 72 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How a Single Word Can Change a Client’s Experience

Week 72 Video #2 – Linda Graham

Giving Clients Tools to Foster Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 72 Video #3 – Laurel Parnell

Helping Clients Answer, “Who Am I Now?” after Healing from Trauma

Week 73 Video #2 – Linda Graham

People Need to Know That They Can Overcome Anxiety

Week 74 Video #1 – Steven Hayes

A Different Way to Measure Anxiety

Week 74 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

4 Strategies to Break the Barriers of Anxiety

Week 74 Video #3 – Kelly McGonigal

Acceptance Transforms the Inner Experience

Week 74 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

The Connection between Anxiety and Ambiguity

Week 77 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

Making Sense of and Regulating Anxiety – An Attachment Perspective

Week 77 Video #4 – Pat Ogden and Stan Tatkin

The Power of Eye Contact, Attention Focus, and Breaking the Loop in Attachment Repair

Week 78 Video #1 – Scott Miller

Helping an Anxious Client Connect with What’s Possible

Week 78 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

An Application of FACT (Foundational Attention Centering Techniques)

Week 79 Video #1 – Pat Ogden

Two Kinds of Mistakes Practitioners Make

Week 79 Video #2 – Joan Borysenko and Ron Siegel

How Genuine Enthusiasm Can Make You Miss the Mark

Week 79 Video #3 – Steven Hayes

The One Thing to Get Before Expanding Boundaries

Week 79 Video #4 – Edward Tronick

Why You Need to Listen to the Client’s Feelings

Week 80 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

How Not to Terminate a Client

Week 80 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

How to Find the Right Strategy for the Right Client

Week 80 Video #3 – Rick Hanson

One Factor to Never Overlook

Week 80 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

Are You Treating the Right Problem?

Week 81 Video #1 – Bill O’Hanlon

How to Adjust After a Big Mistake

Week 81 Video #2 – Pat Ogden

When a Mistake Isn’t a Mistake

Week 81 Video #3 – Scott Miller

One Thing to Never Ignore

Week 81 Video #4 – Scott Miller

How Mistakes Improve Practice

Week 82 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

The Mistake of Making Assumptions

Week 82 Video #2 – Michael Yapko

Should I Always Believe My Client?

Week 82 Video #3 – Richard Schwartz

How to Use Backlash in Therapy

Week 82 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

One Factor that Makes a Difference After a Mistake

Week 83 Video #1 – Terry Real

How to Join Through the Truth and Avoid Confrontation

Week 83 Video #2 – Bessel van der Kolk

What You Can’t Do For Your Client

Week 83 Video #3 – Peter Levine

Why Timing Is Crucial in the Treatment of Trauma

Week 83 Video #4 – Peter Levine

How Empathy Can Actually Impair Treatment

Week 84 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

What Happens When You Lose Perspective?

Week 84 Video #2 – Sue Johnson

How to Reclaim Balance and Perspective

Week 84 Video #3 – Marsha Linehan

The Mistake Nearly Every Practitioner Fears

Week 84 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

How to Create Room to Learn from Mistakes

Week 85 Video #1 – Linda Graham

What to Do When a Client’s Struggles Challenge Your Wellbeing

Week 85 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

3 Powerful Pieces of Advice To Give Direction, Confidence, and Hope

Week 85 Video #3 – Stephen Porges

How to Be a Better Observer

Week 85 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

An Exercise for Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Week 86 Video #1 – Laurel Parnell & Ellyn Bader

Why a Little Distance from Your Own Perspective Makes a Big Difference

Week 86 Video #3 – Pat Ogden

3 Ideas That Can Relieve the Pressure to be Perfect

Week 86 Video #4 – Bill O’Hanlon

How to Make the Most of Brief Therapy

Week 87 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How Good Mentors Can Influence Your Career

Week 87 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

How Good Mentors Can Influence Your Career

Week 87 Video #3 – Stan Tatkin

Client Story: Practical Application of Expert Advice

Week 87 Video #4 – Sue Johnson

What We Can Learn About Attachment from Clients

Week 88 Video #1 – Christine Padesky

One Piece of Advice Given Three Different Ways

Week 88 Video #2 – Michael Yapko

Two Pieces of Advice to Access A Client’s Strength and Promote Positive Growth

Week 88 Video #3 – Ed Tronick

How Advice Can Change Our Outlook on Our Therapeutic Model

Week 88 Video #4 – Joan Borysenko

How to Know When We Should Follow the Client’s Lead

Week 89 Video #2 – Terry Real

Why Our Instincts As Practitioners Can Become Our Strongest Tool

Week 89 Video #3 – Bessel van der Kolk

The Crucial Work of Being and Seeing When Interacting with Patients

Week 90 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

Three Steps to Diffuse a Client Who’s Critical of You

Week 90 Video #2 – Ron Siegel

How to Get Past the Sting of Criticism to Understand Where it Came From

Week 90 Video #3 – Linda Graham

How a Client’s Shame Turns into Criticism

Week 90 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

One Strategy for Handling Criticism in the Moment

Week 91 Video #2 – Ellyn Bader

When to Adjust and When to Draw the Line

Week 91 Video #3 – Christine Padesky

Three Strategies to Reframe Criticism

Week 91 Video #4 – Laurel Parnell

One Thing a Client Needs to Move from Criticism to Repair

Week 92 Video #1 – Shelly Harrell

What to Focus on to Get Past Blame

Week 92 Video #2 – Linda Graham

How to Help Client’s Process Their Criticism

Week 92 Video #3 – Steven Hayes

Two Strategies to Help a Client Change Perspectives

Week 92 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

How to Detangle Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

Week 93 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Be More Authentic in the Face of Criticism

Week 93 Video #2 – Sue Johnson

One Thing You Should Assume About Your Client

Week 93 Video #3 – Richard Schwartz

It’s Business, Not Personal – An IFS Approach

Week 93 Video #4 – Scott Miller

When Criticism is a Good Sign

Week 94 Video #1 – Terry Real

How to Avoid the Conflict that Stalls Treatment

Week 94 Video #2 – Edward Tronick

How Disorganization Creates Opportunity – A Developmental Perspective

Week 94 Video #3 – Marsha Linehan

How to Use Criticism to Build Skills – Two Case Studies

Week 94 Video #4 – Linda Graham

How to Use the Process of Repair to Model Skills

Week 95 Video #1 – Stephen Porges

One Thing We Can’t Overlook When Working with Depression

Week 95 Video #2 – Zindel Segal

How to Break the Destructive Loop of Depression

Week 95 Video #3 – Dan Seigel

An Innovative Approach to Depression

Week 96 Video #1 – Rick Hanson

Why Depression Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

Week 96 Video #2 – Laurel Parnell

How to Recognize When It’s NOT Depression

Week 97 Video #1 – Bill O’Hanlon

Three Strategies to Reverse a Deterministic View of Depression

Week 97 Video #3 – Ron Siegel

How to Differentiate Between Sadness and Depression

Week 98 Video #4 – Laurel Parnell

How EMDR Can Rewire the Brain for Motivation

Week 99 Video #2 – Marsha Linehan

Why Clients Need to Grieve (But How It Can Become Problematic)

Week 100 Video #1 – Lynn Lyons

Three Creative Approaches to Treating Depression in Kids and Teens

Week 102 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

How to Help Clients Connect to Feelings That Often Lie Beneath Depression

Week 102 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

Strategies for Activating a Client’s Support System