Positive Experience

Week 8 Video #4 – Rick Hanson

Getting Off the “Triangular Track” to Get Unstuck

Week 10 Video #1 – Rick Hanson

Taking in the Good

Week 10 Video #3 – Linda Graham

How to Install Positive Habits in the Brain

Week 18 Video #4 – Joan Borysenko

Why It’s Crucial to Help Clients See Limiting Beliefs Graciously

Week 28 Video #4 – Stephen Porges

Why Feeling Safe with Another Person Supports Resilience

Week 29 Video #4 – Zindel Segal

Why Meaning and Values Are Crucial to Building Long-Term Resilience

Week 31 Video #3 – Rick Hanson

Training Attention toward the Good to Build Resilience

Week 31 Video #4 – Rick Hanson

From Reactive to Resilient – A Client Story

Week 33 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

A Technique to Halt Reactivity and Foster Resilience in Couples

Week 34 Video #4 – Linda Graham

The “Shame” Word: How Your Choice of Language Impacts Clients

Week 35 Video #2 – Linda Graham

Rewiring Shame: The Wished-For Outcome Technique

Week 42 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

Deconsolidating the Shameful Messages of the Past

Week 55 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

A Two-Stage Process for Treating Maladaptive Resistance

Week 56 Video #1 – Donna Eden

How to Work with Energy That’s Resistant to Change

Week 62 Video #2 – Ron Siegel

The Unwinnable Game of Social Comparison

Week 63 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

How to Help Clients Disable Their Doubt Machinery

Week 63 Video #3 – Kelly McGonigal

A Practical Exercise for Clients Who Feel Unworthy of Compassion

Week 64 Video #1 – Joan Borysenko

How Making a Contribution Can Shift the View of the Self

Week 64 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

How Identifying Values Can Help Clients Disconnect from External Comparisons

Week 65 Video #2 – Laurel Parnell

An EMDR Approach to Healing a Client’s History

Week 67 Video #3 – Christine Padesky

Expanding the Continuum Between Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

Week 70 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

Connections that Support Growth through Trauma

Week 70 Video #2 – Christine Padesky

The Seeds of Growth are in the Treatment

Week 70 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

Getting a Good Future Out of a Crummy Past

Week 70 Video #4 – Marsha Linehan

We See Growth in Repaired Relationships

Week 71 Video #2 – Kelly McGonigal

An Exercise in Cultivating a ‘Bigger Than Self’ Mindset

Week 71 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

“Meaning” is the Compass That Points Toward Growth

Week 71 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

What Trauma Demands and the Meaning We Assign to It

Week 72 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How a Single Word Can Change a Client’s Experience

Week 72 Video #2 – Linda Graham

Giving Clients Tools to Foster Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 72 Video #3 – Laurel Parnell

Helping Clients Answer, “Who Am I Now?” after Healing from Trauma

Week 72 Video #4 – Bill O’Hanlon

The 3 Cs of Post-Traumatic Growth

Week 74 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

4 Strategies to Break the Barriers of Anxiety

Week 74 Video #3 – Kelly McGonigal

Acceptance Transforms the Inner Experience

Week 75 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

Developing the Courage to Feel Anxiety

Week 75 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

Correcting the Mismatch Between Challenge and Resources

Week 83 Video #2 – Bessel van der Kolk

What You Can’t Do For Your Client

Week 83 Video #3 – Peter Levine

Why Timing Is Crucial in the Treatment of Trauma

Week 86 Video #2 – Steven Hayes

One Piece of Advice that Can Restore Hope (It Might Surprise You)

Week 86 Video #4 – Bill O’Hanlon

How to Make the Most of Brief Therapy

Week 87 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How Good Mentors Can Influence Your Career

Week 88 Video #3 – Ed Tronick

How Advice Can Change Our Outlook on Our Therapeutic Model

Week 93 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Be More Authentic in the Face of Criticism

Week 98 Video #1 – Peter Levine

How to Use the Body to Shift Out of Inertia

Week 98 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

How to Reverse the Vicious Spiral of Depression

Week 98 Video #4 – Laurel Parnell

How EMDR Can Rewire the Brain for Motivation

Week 100 Video #1 – Lynn Lyons

Three Creative Approaches to Treating Depression in Kids and Teens

Week 101 Video #2 – Sue Johnson

How Patterns of Disconnection Can Trigger Depression

Week 102 Video #3 – Christine Padesky

How to Quiet the Self-Criticism That Can Fuel Depression