Narrative Reframe

Week 51 Video #3 – Sonja Lyubomirsky and Bill O’Hanlon

Facing the Unpredictability of Life Transitions

Week 62 Video #2 – Ron Siegel

The Unwinnable Game of Social Comparison

Week 62 Video #4 – Shelly Harrell

How to Work with the Subversive Effect of Social Stereotypes

Week 63 Video #1 – Michael Yapko

Why It’s Crucial to Help Clients Identify Unrealistic Expectations

Week 63 Video #4 – Marsha Linehan

A Fact-Check Strategy to Help Clients Rebuild Their Self-Worth

Week 64 Video #1 – Joan Borysenko

How Making a Contribution Can Shift the View of the Self

Week 64 Video #3 – Michael Yapko

3 Techniques for Helping Clients Become Comfortable with Their Imperfections

Week 64 Video #4 – Scott Miller

What’s the Outcome Your Client is Longing for?

Week 66 Video #3 – Bill O’Hanlon

A 3-Pronged Approach to Distinguishing Between Who You Are and What You Do

Week 68 Video #1 – Stephen Porges and Pat Ogden

Respecting How the Body Has Been Changed by Trauma

Week 72 Video #1 – Scott Miller

How a Single Word Can Change a Client’s Experience

Week 72 Video #3 – Laurel Parnell

Helping Clients Answer, “Who Am I Now?” after Healing from Trauma

Week 76 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

Teaching Couples Not to Fear Anxiety in Their Relationships

Week 77 Video #1 – Ed Tronick and Richard Schwartz

Repairing the Regulatory Process and Working with Anxiety as a Protector

Week 77 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

Making Sense of and Regulating Anxiety – An Attachment Perspective

Week 78 Video #1 – Scott Miller

Helping an Anxious Client Connect with What’s Possible

Week 78 Video #3 – Steven Hayes

Maybe Not Anxious, But a Little Bigger

Week 78 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

An Experiment in Developing the Assertive Defense of the Self

Week 80 Video #4 – Christine Padesky

Are You Treating the Right Problem?

Week 81 Video #1 – Bill O’Hanlon

How to Adjust After a Big Mistake

Week 82 Video #2 – Michael Yapko

Should I Always Believe My Client?

Week 85 Video #2 – Rick Hanson

3 Powerful Pieces of Advice To Give Direction, Confidence, and Hope

Week 85 Video #4 – Kelly McGonigal

An Exercise for Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Week 86 Video #1 – Laurel Parnell & Ellyn Bader

Why a Little Distance from Your Own Perspective Makes a Big Difference

Week 86 Video #2 – Steven Hayes

One Piece of Advice that Can Restore Hope (It Might Surprise You)

Week 88 Video #1 – Christine Padesky

One Piece of Advice Given Three Different Ways

Week 89 Video #1 – Ron Siegel

Why It’s Useful to Help Clients Learn to Map Their Experiences

Week 89 Video #4 – Richard Schwartz

Advice That Led to a Paradigm Shift

Week 92 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

How to Detangle Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

Week 95 Video #2 – Zindel Segal

How to Break the Destructive Loop of Depression

Week 97 Video #1 – Bill O’Hanlon

Three Strategies to Reverse a Deterministic View of Depression

Week 97 Video #2 – Lynn Lyons

How to Break the Cycle of Depression and Rigidity

Week 97 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

How Expectations Influence Everything

Week 98 Video #2 – Richard Schwartz

The Parts that Spark Depression – An IFS Approach

Week 98 Video #3 – Shelly Harrell

How to Reverse the Vicious Spiral of Depression

Week 100 Video #1 – Lynn Lyons

Three Creative Approaches to Treating Depression in Kids and Teens

Week 100 Video #4 – Terry Real

Why We Sometimes Overlook Depression in Men

Week 101 Video #4 – Peter Fonagy

How to Help a Client See Their Depression Differently

Week 103 Video #2 – Richard Schwartz

How to Help a Client Bring Curiosity to the Inner Critic

Week 104 Video #3 – Joan Borysenko

How to Diminish the Power of the Inner Critic

Week 105 Video #2 – Zindel Segal

How to Help Clients Who Feel Like They Can Never Satisfy Their Inner Critic