Week 6 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

Seeing the Other Half of the Story – Part 1

Week 6 Video #4 – Sue Johnson

Seeing the Other Half of the Story – Part 2

Week 12 Video #2 – Sue Johnson

How to Help Couples Put Life Back Into Their Relationship

Week 13 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

Why Safety Is the Key to Alive Relationships

Week 14 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

Why the Arms of a Loved One Is the Best Place for Healing Trauma

Week 14 Video #4 – Donna Eden

How to Reverse Patterns of Stress in the Body

Week 20 Video #3 – Erving Polster

How the “Criterion Cure” Can Keep Clients Trapped by Limiting Beliefs

Week 28 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

How to Help a Couple Grow Closer and Build Resilience

Week 33 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

A Technique to Halt Reactivity and Foster Resilience in Couples

Week 35 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

How to Help a Client Work through Shame When There’s a Betrayed Partner

Week 38 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

The Crucial Role of an Attachment Figure in Treating Shame

Week 39 Video #1 – Terry Real

The Danger of Deflating a Client’s Grandiosity

Week 44 Video #3 – Sue Johnson

The Link Between Anger and Attachment

Week 44 Video #4 – Ellyn Bader

3 Ways Anger Enters Relationships and How to Disarm it

Week 48 Video #3 – Donna Eden

A Way to Reverse the Body’s Imbalance to Dissolve Anger

Week 49 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

An Effective Technique For Building Empathy and Connection in Angry Couples

Week 49 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

Two Practical Ways To Deal With Anger in High-Arousal Clients

Week 49 Video #3 – Stan Tatkin

How to Work With Angry Couples By Using Projective Identification

Week 49 Video #4 – Shelly Harrell

Reducing a Client’s Rage Through Forgiveness Work

Week 50 Video #4 – Ellyn Bader

The Challenge of Working with Parallel Uncertainties in Couples Therapy

Week 51 Video #4 – Michael Yapko

Why It’s Crucial to Help Clients Recognize the Ambiguity of Life

Week 54 Video #1 – Joan Borysenko and Rick Hanson

Helping Clients Find a Level of Control When Facing an Impending Loss

Week 54 Video #3 – Terry Real

How Your Worldview Affects the Way You Cope with the Unknown

Week 55 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

A Gestalt Approach to Working with Resistance

Week 57 Video #3 – Terry Real

5 Losing Strategies That Contribute to a Client’s Resistance (and How to Identify Them)

Week 58 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

How to Engage a Client’s Resistance to Achieve Secure Functioning

Week 59 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

How to Find the Threat Behind a Client’s Resistance

Week 61 Video #3 – Linda Graham

How to Help Clients Work through the Fear Underneath Resistance

Week 67 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

How Changing Posture Can Shift Beliefs and Facilitate Healing

Week 68 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

Unresolved Trauma Does Not Allow for Growth

Week 82 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

One Factor that Makes a Difference After a Mistake

Week 83 Video #4 – Peter Levine

How Empathy Can Actually Impair Treatment

Week 84 Video #1 – Sue Johnson

What Happens When You Lose Perspective?

Week 86 Video #1 – Laurel Parnell & Ellyn Bader

Why a Little Distance from Your Own Perspective Makes a Big Difference

Week 87 Video #2 – Stan Tatkin

How Good Mentors Can Influence Your Career

Week 87 Video #3 – Stan Tatkin

Client Story: Practical Application of Expert Advice

Week 97 Video #1 – Bill O’Hanlon

Three Strategies to Reverse a Deterministic View of Depression

Week 99 Video #4 – Stan Tatkin

What Couples Need to Do When One or Both Are Depressed

Week 101 Video #1 – Ellyn Bader

How to Keep Depression from Dominating a Marriage

Week 101 Video #2 – Sue Johnson

How Patterns of Disconnection Can Trigger Depression

Week 101 Video #3 – Peter Fonagy

Mentalization: An Interpersonal Approach to Treating Depression

Week 101 Video #4 – Peter Fonagy

How to Help a Client See Their Depression Differently

Week 102 Video #2 – Shelly Harrell

Strategies for Activating a Client’s Support System